24 Hours to Live

I mentioned in my previous blog how a bad experience in our lives helped me to overcome procrastination (please don’t get me wrong though, because I really do still say at times “I’ll do it later!”).  I also talked about Brenda Baker’s 5-step proven process to living the life you want and recommended to sign up to his Launch your life academy.

The first step of the 5 step proven process is a review of where you are now.  During my process of this stage, I originally used Darren Hardy’s 10-part series called “Make the leap from Good to Great”.  Part 1 of this 10-part series was finding your purpose.  Listening first to Darren’s video post it really hit home when Darren said he struggled to give a eulogy of someone who did not live their life to the fullest, who did not really mix with friends or left the house.  This was how my life had become, from a social butterfly to recluse.  I then downloaded and worked through the PURPOSE worksheet. The worksheet asked me to imagine I only have 24 hours to live and how would I feel.  The highest impact from the worksheet was having to consider ‘three loose ends that would burden those left behind’.  This made me very distressed and unhappy thinking what my girls would have to deal with.  They would have had a financial burden; not being near family and not having a parent to rely on and there is still a lot of work to be done on the house and building one in our home country.  This made me realize that I could not do this to my girls; I want to leave them a legacy, not a burden.

The second biggest impact from the worksheet was writing my regrets of three things I did or didn’t do.  For me it was things I didn’t do.  Gee, I could have written more than 3 things that I regretted I didn’t do.

This PURPOSE worksheet worked wonders.  I started to fight procrastination, arguing with myself when I felt the need to say “I’ll do it later” when something needs to be done urgently, resisting the urge to just do nothing and block it all out.

If you are feeling unsure, restless or tired of how you are living your life right now, give this a try.  Reflect on your life, think of any unfinished business you might have, what loose ends would burden your loved ones if you had to leave this earth in 24 hours.  What regrets you would have on things you did or didn’t do?  Give it a go, try these exercises.  I would also recommend signing up to Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring, the subscription is free.

Till next time x

I’ll do it later

I’ve read many articles online on procrastination some seeing it as not such as bad thing saying that it can be used as a tool.  I’ve also read articles where procrastination have badly affect the writers’ lives.

And this is where I am.  Suffering from depression and procrastination is not the ideal combination.  I have procrastinated plenty that it had affected me financially and hurt my children lives in the process.  I live in this circle of fear of facing the world and if I encounter a problem, I would prefer to close it out of mind and not deal with it, saying many a time ‘I’ll do it later’.

The braveness of my daughter and having to face one of the most difficult times in our lives since my husband died, woke me up and I realised brutally that I needed to start doing something without closing myself off from the rest of world.   This does not mean that to overcome procrastination you have to face bad times in your life.  I found peace in the way to bring myself in focus through mediation.

One of my many ways to procrastinate is to sit and allow myself to fall into the fictional world of TV.  I have always wanted to do online marketing and have a blog, but I feared what people would think of me when they read my blog.  Or I’d picture people sitting and gossiping about me and blog.  But now, so what if people talk, isn’t that word-of-mouth advertising?  I realise that not everyone is going to like me, so why should I suffer in my life struggling to try and please others.

Brendan Baker, StartofHappiness.com, said in today’s email, “What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from living your best life?  Doing nothing.”  Referencing to Brendan’s email and the 5-step proven process, when I now face the fact that I am procrastinating, I weigh up my options.  Sit and watch TV and eventually suffer the consequences or deal with it now, have it out of the way and done with.  Which is a review of where I am now.

I have also started to visualise my future full of abundance and happiness, looking at where I want to be in life. When I mediate, I picture the steps I need to take to meet the future I want.  This step is about setting goals in your life and understanding how you to get to the life that you want.

Once your goals have been set, action needs to be taken.  As quoted above, doing nothing will not get you the life you really want.  This is where my fight against procrastination happens.  My goals are set, I know what life I want, but fear immobilizes me from taking action.  To help me through this step, I use mediation techniques.

The fifth step of the proven process defined by Brendan Baker is to review and revise how you are progressing.  Like marketing or running a business you monitor and evaluate the successfulness of meeting your goals and whether there are easier or more cost effective systems to meet the goals.  There are times, when evaluating your successes that you might wish to change to goals.  That is fine, it is your life and you can take whichever road you desire.

Over the next week my blogs will focus on each step.  Keep updated with me and remember, I’d love to hear your story.

You might wish to sign up to Brendan Baker’s Launch Your Life Academy which is a life changing program, helping you find the life you desire.  Click here to sign up.

Happy April Fool’s Day

I haven’t pulled any pranks (yet)!  My girls were fortunate this morning.

Although, this is a story I have to share.  My eldest daughter and I were making a bet about something.  She said if she loses she will clean the house for a week!  How generous!  She then turns around and says, “so what will you do if you lose, mum?”  Without missing a beat I said “I’ll let you clean the house for a week!”  She storms away, “Oh, I’m not playing with you!”

Well good on her for picking up on it!!!!

Have a great pranking day! Please feel free to share your stories!





Today, I commit to daily meditation. Meditation helps to find clarity and reduce stress levels and help to develop awareness. Meditation takes some time to get used to; I started meditating last year, but found myself thinking I didn’t have the time, trying to find the right atmosphere where I won’t be disturbed by the children.

Well, I repeat, today I COMMIT to daily meditation. If you have committed to the Law of Attraction on my website and are going through the Abundant Success booklet, then follow the advice given and write in your journal, or workbook, your feelings you have taken from your meditation.

I find through mediating that it helps me to become calmer in dealing with stressful situations. My job is all about meeting deadlines and providing guidance and advice to my staff in their roles. This gets very stressful when helping other staff meet their deadlines then having to meet mine. It then involves leaving work (possibly finishing off work at home, depending on timescales), getting home to cooking and chores leaving me very tired by the end of the day. When I want to do additional things such as this website, I’m tired and it’s late at night before I’m trying to concentrate on this website. This has led to the delay in being able to get my blogs up and running. I have now committed to meditating daily, to reinforce getting in tune with how I really feel and to have clearer perspectives in how to meet my goals.

Meditating is all about committing 5 to 10 minutes (longer if you can do it) to finding a space where you will not be disturbed, away from children, phones, interruptions and social media. Your space should be comfortable. You might see many people sit in a certain meditative position, but as long as you’re comfortable it does not matter how you sit.

My friend, who also lives a stressful life, commented that she would not be able to stop her mind from wandering if she tried to meditate. This is true, when I first started my mind would wander and I’d be thinking about a project at work, or something I needed to get done in the house or for the girls. That is totally natural. If your mind wanders, you simply pull yourself back to focus. As you get used to meditating you will find it becomes easier to focus your mind.

If you are finding it difficult to sit for long periods of time, I would recommend checking out Adam Michael Brewer, a certified Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide and Mind/Body Specialist, meditation techniques of just 3 minutes per day. At present he is has a 3 minute meditation per day, 28 day challenge, aiming to help people be free of anxiety and overwhelm by June 2016. Check it out!!

Remember; write in your journal any thoughts or answers that come to you as you meditate.


A peaceful location I like to mediate

PS, don’t forget to practice your daily gratefulness!

Peace, love, happiness and abundance x


I look at my mum’s life being happy in doing her daily and weekly routines, and I wonder what’s wrong with me.  Why can’t I be happy in my life?  Why do I feel like there should be more, that my life is unfulfilled?

I feel there is more to life than where I am now.  I have not been in a relationship since my husband died, but I don’t just feel that I am missing a loving relationship, but also that my girls and I should have a more fulfilling and abundant life and not be worried about finances and where we are going in life.

In my About page I mentioned losing my husband and being left floundering in the middle of my crossroads not knowing which direction, which path to take.

This is where I’m standing now, kind of knowing what path to take but scared to wander too far down that path.  I am learning from the Manifestation Miracle programme that my beliefs, how I was brought up to believe that people like me were not meant for a successful abundant life is holding me back.  I think back on being younger, we considered ourselves a middle class family, where we just about made it by financially.  The island where I grew up, we were lead to believe that it was not WHAT you know but WHO you knew to get you by.  Is it possible that these beliefs are what’s holding me back?  And what about my feeling that I don’t deserve an abundant, happy, fulfilling life?   I realise that these thoughts, whether subconsciously or consciously, are holding me back from leading a fulfilling life.

Heather Matthews, Manifestation Miracle, advises that the negative thoughts and beliefs are what is holding us back from living an abundant life.  Heather believes that you should not have the expectation to have to do hard work, work long hours to be truly successful in life.

I’m tired of feeling the stress, the sickness in my head and stomach of the worries I am carrying.  I am tired of being scared to move on life and to those steps forward.  I have practiced mediation and have found positive changes happening, then I procrastinate and I go back to square one.  I am just unable to keep up with it.  So what if I decide to share what I’m going through with others in similar situations, where you are wanting to change your life for the better and find yourself getting stuck.  If we are helping each other, couldn’t we change our lives for the better.  I’m willing to give it a try.

If you’re like me and you’ve tried one thing, it works, but then you procrastinate because there is something holding you back, then join me and lets be a coach to one another.

I have a few programs that I have found really, really works that I’m sharing with you through affiliate sales.  You can subscribe to them as I will be actually working through these programs through my blogs and you might find it easier to follow.  I will look forward to your comments and how you got on for the day/week/month.

Where I am right now?  I took a 10 minute mediate break to really think about where I am right now.  In Heather Matthew’s Abundance programs she advises that accepting where you are right now does not mean that you have to like where you are.

I still have debts that I am paying off, this month is a really bad month for me financially as I had a number of bills that I needed to catch up on, so the struggle is really there in meeting our daily needs until the next pay date.  BUT, mediating on it, the stress is not as bad as I’ve felt before, because I am feeling positive and know that I am going to make good changes in my life.  My girls deserve a better life than this.  (And I am learning to believe that I too, deserve a better life).

I have started (a physical) clear out of my life.  My garden has been overgrown since my husband died, my loft is slowly creaking with the weight of storage, I have clothes that can back date to before I had my children!  I have started clearing my garden, making brilliant progress (if I can say so myself) and great way to think and clear my mind.  I have also made a start on clearing my old clothes, going to the charity shop on the days where the weather is not good enough to spend in the garden.  As the clearing happens and the junk gets lighter, I feel a lighter weight on my shoulders.

If you have subscribed to the Miracle Manifestation, in the workbook Abundance Success, page 11 it recommends to start practicing gratefulness for what you have already.  So rather than focusing on the negatives, you start focusing on the positives and being grateful for what you have.

On my gratefulness page, I will share what I am grateful for daily, I hope you share your gratefulness and stories with me.

I hope you sign up to receive alerts on when I post blogs and let you know of any other programs that are out there.  I hope you keep in touch and help to keep each other motivated in making our lives more abundantly successful.  Let’s stop being the victims and become the hero’s of our own stories!

Much love, happiness, abundance and success