Today, I commit to daily meditation. Meditation helps to find clarity and reduce stress levels and help to develop awareness. Meditation takes some time to get used to; I started meditating last year, but found myself thinking I didn’t have the time, trying to find the right atmosphere where I won’t be disturbed by the children.

Well, I repeat, today I COMMIT to daily meditation. If you have committed to the Law of Attraction on my website and are going through the Abundant Success booklet, then follow the advice given and write in your journal, or workbook, your feelings you have taken from your meditation.

I find through mediating that it helps me to become calmer in dealing with stressful situations. My job is all about meeting deadlines and providing guidance and advice to my staff in their roles. This gets very stressful when helping other staff meet their deadlines then having to meet mine. It then involves leaving work (possibly finishing off work at home, depending on timescales), getting home to cooking and chores leaving me very tired by the end of the day. When I want to do additional things such as this website, I’m tired and it’s late at night before I’m trying to concentrate on this website. This has led to the delay in being able to get my blogs up and running. I have now committed to meditating daily, to reinforce getting in tune with how I really feel and to have clearer perspectives in how to meet my goals.

Meditating is all about committing 5 to 10 minutes (longer if you can do it) to finding a space where you will not be disturbed, away from children, phones, interruptions and social media. Your space should be comfortable. You might see many people sit in a certain meditative position, but as long as you’re comfortable it does not matter how you sit.

My friend, who also lives a stressful life, commented that she would not be able to stop her mind from wandering if she tried to meditate. This is true, when I first started my mind would wander and I’d be thinking about a project at work, or something I needed to get done in the house or for the girls. That is totally natural. If your mind wanders, you simply pull yourself back to focus. As you get used to meditating you will find it becomes easier to focus your mind.

If you are finding it difficult to sit for long periods of time, I would recommend checking out Adam Michael Brewer, a certified Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide and Mind/Body Specialist, meditation techniques of just 3 minutes per day. At present he is has a 3 minute meditation per day, 28 day challenge, aiming to help people be free of anxiety and overwhelm by June 2016. Check it out!!

Remember; write in your journal any thoughts or answers that come to you as you meditate.


A peaceful location I like to mediate

PS, don’t forget to practice your daily gratefulness!

Peace, love, happiness and abundance x


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