I’ve read many articles online on procrastination some seeing it as not such as bad thing saying that it can be used as a tool.  I’ve also read articles where procrastination have badly affect the writers’ lives.

And this is where I am.  Suffering from depression and procrastination is not the ideal combination.  I have procrastinated plenty that it had affected me financially and hurt my children lives in the process.  I live in this circle of fear of facing the world and if I encounter a problem, I would prefer to close it out of mind and not deal with it, saying many a time ‘I’ll do it later’.

The braveness of my daughter and having to face one of the most difficult times in our lives since my husband died, woke me up and I realised brutally that I needed to start doing something without closing myself off from the rest of world.   This does not mean that to overcome procrastination you have to face bad times in your life.  I found peace in the way to bring myself in focus through mediation.

One of my many ways to procrastinate is to sit and allow myself to fall into the fictional world of TV.  I have always wanted to do online marketing and have a blog, but I feared what people would think of me when they read my blog.  Or I’d picture people sitting and gossiping about me and blog.  But now, so what if people talk, isn’t that word-of-mouth advertising?  I realise that not everyone is going to like me, so why should I suffer in my life struggling to try and please others.

Brendan Baker, StartofHappiness.com, said in today’s email, “What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from living your best life?  Doing nothing.”  Referencing to Brendan’s email and the 5-step proven process, when I now face the fact that I am procrastinating, I weigh up my options.  Sit and watch TV and eventually suffer the consequences or deal with it now, have it out of the way and done with.  Which is a review of where I am now.

I have also started to visualise my future full of abundance and happiness, looking at where I want to be in life. When I mediate, I picture the steps I need to take to meet the future I want.  This step is about setting goals in your life and understanding how you to get to the life that you want.

Once your goals have been set, action needs to be taken.  As quoted above, doing nothing will not get you the life you really want.  This is where my fight against procrastination happens.  My goals are set, I know what life I want, but fear immobilizes me from taking action.  To help me through this step, I use mediation techniques.

The fifth step of the proven process defined by Brendan Baker is to review and revise how you are progressing.  Like marketing or running a business you monitor and evaluate the successfulness of meeting your goals and whether there are easier or more cost effective systems to meet the goals.  There are times, when evaluating your successes that you might wish to change to goals.  That is fine, it is your life and you can take whichever road you desire.

Over the next week my blogs will focus on each step.  Keep updated with me and remember, I’d love to hear your story.

You might wish to sign up to Brendan Baker’s Launch Your Life Academy which is a life changing program, helping you find the life you desire.  Click here to sign up.


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