I mentioned in my previous blog how a bad experience in our lives helped me to overcome procrastination (please don’t get me wrong though, because I really do still say at times “I’ll do it later!”).  I also talked about Brenda Baker’s 5-step proven process to living the life you want and recommended to sign up to his Launch your life academy.

The first step of the 5 step proven process is a review of where you are now.  During my process of this stage, I originally used Darren Hardy’s 10-part series called “Make the leap from Good to Great”.  Part 1 of this 10-part series was finding your purpose.  Listening first to Darren’s video post it really hit home when Darren said he struggled to give a eulogy of someone who did not live their life to the fullest, who did not really mix with friends or left the house.  This was how my life had become, from a social butterfly to recluse.  I then downloaded and worked through the PURPOSE worksheet. The worksheet asked me to imagine I only have 24 hours to live and how would I feel.  The highest impact from the worksheet was having to consider ‘three loose ends that would burden those left behind’.  This made me very distressed and unhappy thinking what my girls would have to deal with.  They would have had a financial burden; not being near family and not having a parent to rely on and there is still a lot of work to be done on the house and building one in our home country.  This made me realize that I could not do this to my girls; I want to leave them a legacy, not a burden.

The second biggest impact from the worksheet was writing my regrets of three things I did or didn’t do.  For me it was things I didn’t do.  Gee, I could have written more than 3 things that I regretted I didn’t do.

This PURPOSE worksheet worked wonders.  I started to fight procrastination, arguing with myself when I felt the need to say “I’ll do it later” when something needs to be done urgently, resisting the urge to just do nothing and block it all out.

If you are feeling unsure, restless or tired of how you are living your life right now, give this a try.  Reflect on your life, think of any unfinished business you might have, what loose ends would burden your loved ones if you had to leave this earth in 24 hours.  What regrets you would have on things you did or didn’t do?  Give it a go, try these exercises.  I would also recommend signing up to Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring, the subscription is free.

Till next time x


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