At times it is easy to feel alone in this world.  The different challenges you must go through in life.  We have all been there, but sometimes it feels like it is just you that the worst things happen to.

I lost my husband to cancer and 8 years on it still feels like I’m a victim.  My daughters have suffered as much as I have, through many difficulties over the years.  We have gone through personal loss, financial difficulties, abuse and alienation.

Not thinking clearly, not being present and grounded in my life had lead me to making bad decisions and feeling alone.

Being on a life plan with my husband had all of a sudden left me plundering when he died, not knowing how to get on my own path and had left me stuck with barriers on all four sides of me.  Life has then been worried about what others are saying and being too scared to make that decision because ‘what will others think of that and me?’

Well now, it is time to stop being the victim and become the hero of my own story.  And I love to help others, it is in my nature to do so as best I can.  So my website is all about sharing my experiences and encouraging you to change yours by being grounded, aware and having the best of life successes that YOU choose so you love your life to the fullest.

I am not an expert, but simply trying to improve mine and my children’s lives.  I think it is great how the experts have all been where we are, but often I’d love to know EXACTLY how they got through to where they are…the ups and downs of their journey.  So my site is all about using the experts advice to make our lives better and I’d love that as I am going through my journey that you will join me and create success, happiness and abundance in your life too and share the ups and downs.

Much love, happiness, success and abundance




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